We Are All 'Ruthie' From Frank Luntz's Focus Group, Calling Trump A 'Crackhead'

OK, we lied in the headline. None of us are Ruthie from Frank Luntz's focus group, and we probably don't know many undecided voters like her either, if we are reading Wonkette.

What in the hell is an "undecided voter" anyway? Well, sometimes there are these people and we don't know, they just can't figure it out. Fascism or butterscotches? FASCISM OR BUTTERSCOTCHES? These are the people for whom Cake Or Death was a difficult question.

But apparently they still exist! To be fair, there aren't that many of them this year. Some of them just aren't that engaged. Some of them are selfish. Some of them won't actually vote at all. But at the same time, sometimes their votes — or their non-votes — can be decisive.

So Frank Luntz — you know, THAT guy — did his undecided voter focus group thingie last night on Zoom during the first (and maybe last ever, of all time) presidential debate, and they had some THOUGHTS.

It did not go well for Donald Trump.

Asked to describe Joe Biden, they used the words "better than expected," "politician," "compassion," "coherent," "confident," "more professional," "more a people person" and "nice guy but lacking vision." That last one isn't so great, but as for "better than expected," the Trump campaign really did a good thing when they decided to spread conspiracy theories about Biden having a bunch of dementia, didn't they!

Joe from North Carolina had more thoughts:

"I was surprised that he did as well as he did," he [said]. "Some part of the narrative that Trump has spun so far that Biden may not be up to this task, it certainly did plant a seed of doubt in my mind."

Yeah, and then Joe Biden came out and failed to play with his own poo on stage, so thanks to the Trump campaign's dementia messaging, Joe from North Carolina thinks Joe from Scranton won the debate.

Asked to describe Donald Trump, they said "unhinged," "arrogant," "forceful," a "bully," "chaotic," "un-American." Also "ass" and "an ass but a confident ass." (That was one of the "positive" comments for Trump.)

Oh yes, and then there was "Ruthie" from Pennsylvania, who just went directly for "crackhead." Twice.

Biden debating Trump was like attempting to "win an argument with a crackhead," said Ruthie, who was correct.

Politico reports (no we are not watching this whole thing ourselves) that after the debate, four of the 15 were now Biden voters, and two became Trump voters. And the rest STILL DON'T KNOW OH MY GOD. "You just saw 90 minutes. How can you still be undecided?" asked Luntz, who couldn't even believe it, and that's been his job for decades.

But even Luke from Wisconsin, one of the two who ended up in Trump's camp, called Trump "annoying and unpresidential." It also seems like pretty much everybody agreed that Trump's "worst moment" was when he was asked to condemn white supremacists and INSTEAD TOLD THE PROUD BOYS TO "STAND BY."

In general, Luntz told Bloomberg TV that his people HATED the debate, and he said "America [was] the loser" last night. He added, "This was the most disruptive, aggressive, rude ... I don't have the thesaurus to give you all the words that were going through my swing voter group. People were really mad at what was happening."

Here is the whole entire video if you have an hour to kill and no tasks on your to-do list and have already watched every television program and movie ever made:

In other news, Rasmussen's new poll has Joe Biden up eight points over Trump, and over 50 percent. Yes, Rasmussen, which usually only polls people currently getting soft-serve ice cream at the Country Time Buffet. (Allegedly.)

Sounds like they polled real people this time. (Allegedly.)

We bet Trump is losing his shit today.


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