We Are Sorry John Hodgman Maybe Doesn't Know Everything About the Hobbit World


Author and personal-appliance salesman John Hodgman did a very witty"nerd hit" on so-called American President Barack Obama on Friday, but was it accurate, as far as the various classes and career paths of Hobbits? Today's Email of the Day from "Madison" may answer this important question!

As a Wonkette watcher for some time now, but never before a commenter, I was forced to register today under the nickname "Tolkienista" in order to set right an egregious error in your posting of Hodgman's video.

I would expect more from my Wonkette. In the past you have been quite precise with your hobbit-humor. But you reposted Hodgman's video with NOT A WORD on his gross misstatement regarding the orders of hobbits.

They are Fallohide, Harfoot, and Stoor. Not Fallofide, Hardfoot, and Stoor, as Hodgman suggests. You have participated in helping Hodgman claim a nerd mantle he clearly no longer deserves. I believe a retraction is in order.


An Elvish-speaker without a job


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