We Are Starting to Feel Kinda Bad About All This

She is big. It's midterm elections that have gotten small.

Two Harris staffers confirmed that campaign manager Glenn Hodas; field coordinator Pat Thomas; communications director Chris Ingram; political director Brian Brooks; and deputy field coordinator John Byers left the campaign. Jim Dornan, who was Harris' Senate campaign manager before he left last fall, said he confirmed the resignations through a close contact within the campaign.

Dornan happily explains just why so many former Harris staffers are bashing her on the records: "She's fine for the initial stage and then she falls into her normal pattern of behavior.... Treating staff like garbage, coming up with crazy ideas and strategies. She creates such hatred for herself because of the way she treats people that at some point, they just don't care."

"Crazy ideas"? Katherine Harris? Yeah, right. You're just upset that you lost your chance to ride a winning campaign to victory. Yeah, because she's gonna win this one for Florida, and--

Jesus, this is just depressing now.

Five top staffers leave embattled Harris campaign [Brandenton Herald]


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