We Are This Close to Planning a Wonkette Field Trip

harrismckinney.jpgA quick check of the sitemeter states shows at least one reader out there is from Florida. So this post is directed only at him or her.

Dearest Floridian Wonkette Reader,

We just read in the St. Petersburg Times blog that Cynthia McKinney is going to Sarasota this weekend. That movie she's in (the one about, we think, Tupac) is showing at a film festival. She's also going to stage a protest outside Katherine Harris' campaign headquarters. Please attend this protest. Please. Our heads are exploding with glee at the thought of these two together. We mean together somewhere not as boring as the House of Representatives. We imagine McKinney surrounded by paramilitary bodyguards/backup dancers, dancing in threatening lockstep and possibly brandishing weaponry. Harris, alone (symbolically and actually), rides a horse emblazoned with her name. A number of DeLay campaign staffers, tipped off by email, emerge from a nearby parking garage. It's all very High Noon.

Though now, having imagined the whole scene in such detail, we couldn't bear hearing it play out any other way.

We still want your reports, but we're preparing for disappointment.

Cynthia and Katherine [The Buzz]


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