We Don't Have a Name For This Scandal

But because you loved it so much last week, here's an update on Tom DeLay's beloved "Dancing With the Stars" gal who sings the National Anthem at GOP conventions and is married to Republican fund-raising hero (and failed congressional candidate ... and George Allen backer) Craig Schelske who is now accused of being a creepy drunken porn freak who screws all these anal-sex-loving Nashville gals he finds on CraigsList.

Join us after the jump for the inevitable Bible Study and Sexy Nanny angles. But first, a picture of the happy couple with America's other sweethearts, Dick and Lynne:So that's Cheney's happy face? - Wonkette

According to an exclusive from ABC News -- which will soon change its name to News About Fuckin' -- country singer and inexplicably popular TV dance star Sara Evans has also accused husband Craig Schelske of screwing the hot nanny, whose last name is (of course) Clinton.

But the nanny is telling ABC she did not have sex with that man.

Instead, according to Alison Clinton, the dancing country singer is actually crazy and had "an exhaustion breakdown," which is apparently the way people talk down there.

And she wasn't a common Mexican nanny, either. Clinton ran Evans' fan club, got thanked on Evans' CD liner notes, and both Evans and Schelske were in her wedding party when she got hitched a few years ago.

She even started a very small Bible Study group (of course) with Evans.

Sadly, Clinton had to quit the nanny gig in 2004 because she (of course) developed an "eating disorder."

Exclusive: Former Nanny Says Sara Evans Suffered 'Breakdown' [ABC News]

Kinky Porn-Loving Adulterers for Allen! [Radar Online]

EARLIER: Country Music, Anal Sex, GOP Fund-raising and Dancing With the Stars


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