We Don't Know About "Worse," but 'Monster-in-Law' Certainly Didn't Help Matters

event_obeirne1.jpgTonight, the Independent Women's Forum presents National Review editor Kate O'Bierne, reading from her smash hit Women Who Make the World Worse. We're terribly excited:

alex: "Meet hot anti-feminist chicks TONIGHT"
alex: i can't see that promotional poster very clearly -- who is the woman in the bottom left supposed to be? Ruth Ginsburg?

david: Yeah, totally!

david: And Hillary

alex: actually, i can't tell who any of them are besides Hillary. is that Sarah Jessica Parker on the right? She's making the world worse, but not for the reasons Kate O'Bierne says

alex: Oh, Jane Fonda!

david: Not sure about the other two -- I thought that was SJP, but was like, huh? Maybe Streisand?

david: Oh, yeah, Fonda and Streisand.

david: But it looks more like Sarah Jessica!

david: Maybe it is SJP? Shirt says "Carrie"?

alex: This is why we need to go to this reading.

david: Alas, we have more fancy affairs to attend! But perhaps some of our readers might be interested.

alex: i think i'd like the poster more if it was Streisand. It'd be so retro! "Women who made the world worse 25 years ago"

david: Ah, but she's still doing her evil today -- all those liberal events she goes to, all those charities she supports. And let's not forget "Meet the Fockers."

alex: i think she has a new album with Barry Gibb too. she's totally doing way more damage than Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Also note the IMF's proper implementation of our favorite new web design trend, first spotted on Scooter Libby's home page: Header blurbs from the Cheney family! Your Web 2.0 start-up isn't complete without one!

(Mary -- call us)

IWF Presents Kate O'Beirne [IWF]


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