We Dry Aged Steak In Lime Zest & Tequila. Here’s What Happened. Tabs. Tues., Jan. 18, 2022
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Rep. Madison Cawthorn is not fit to serve in Congress for many reasons. Willing participation in a coup attempt is but one of them. (The Nation)

A Virginia teen allegedly set a classmate’s hair on fire. This is perhaps one of the downsides of in-person instruction. (The Daily Beast)

A winter storm hit my home town of Greenville, South Carolina with about five inches of snow. My father has enough grits, eggs, milk, and bread to make it through the crisis. (Greenville News)

This one-pot spin on eggplant parm looks like a solid weeknight dish. (Salon)

I also recommend the Alison Roman version.(A Newsletter)

New York City restaurants are reeling from Omicron but many have managed to adapt. (Grubstreet)

There’s been an outpouring of grief after the Bronx apartment fire that killed 17 people. (New York Times)Justice Neil Gorsuch won’t wear a mask in the Supreme Court, which you think someone would do if they felt any shame at all over receiving a stolen seat. (Slate)

Remembering local Atlanta legend Elder Cal Murrell, aka "the Happy Preacher.” (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Hey, here’s a sports-related tab! (Washington Post)

Tens of thousands of Californians still have cannabis convictions on their record that should have been expunged . (LA Times)

Netflix raised its prices again, but you have access to ad-free Seinfeld episodes so stop whining. (CNN)

This explains my aversion to camping or what I call "recreational homelessness."


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