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We can remember it for you wholesale - WonketteHave you been missing the political insights of our former favorite Letter to the Editor writer, Nadine? She quit writing to us a while ago, because -- after months of running her delightful ideas in a feature called "Nadine Tells All" -- she discovered we were posting her e-mails and threatened to sue us. Imagine spending all your time sending e-mails to Wonkette pleading for attention and then threatening to sue when the editors actually publish your rants. Getting a letter published is the crazy person's version of winning "American Idol" or the Megabucks Lotto -- unless it's not.

Eventually she was convinced of the fact that we have the legal right to publish her nutty tales because she SENT THEM TO US FOR THAT PURPOSE, but we never received another one. Anyway, we have a new treat for you -- a very important letter about the "Wizard of Oz scandal," the OSS, CIA and Bill Clinton's role in Pink Floyd's "The Wall," after the jump.

WORLDWIDE OMNISCIENCE: I'm sending out things to people, so I thought I'd include Wonkette on it. I've included some State Secrets which I ask you to run past your nearest... actually maybe these days not so nearest... physicist. Enjoy my treat... I sent these to William and Mary Physics. Sorry for the "I-am-from-Nigeria-seeking-the-secrets-to-worldwide-omniscience" style.

To the Physics Graduate Students and Faculty of William and Mary

I have a physics problem to do. Please feel free to use whatever you need, including Physics Graduate students from other schools. I am a W&M Physics undergrad from 1996, who has found himself entangled with something called the Octopus. It is a mafia of the rich and powerful.

My grandmother busted the OSS back in he 40s. Pink Floyd The Wall is about me. It synchronizes with Alice in Wonderland. I am baby blue. Hitler placed transgenerational spies in the US so that they would be protected by our constitution. I am also transgenerational, but on the side of the USA. My grandmother busted the OSS back in the 40s.

The CIA has taken over the world. I want to break Brain Technology in the US. They have been killing people like Danny Casolaro and Princess Diana using brain technology. The Bush Administration is flying false flag. Dark Side of the Moon synchronizes with the Wizard of Oz. It is mostly a fiction, just as the Clinton administration was a fiction. Clinton is Glinda. I am in what evil people call the Wizard of Oz scandal. I am the victim of Brain Technology (MKULTRA).

I have been tortured for two and a half years, including the pain of gunshot & pain of stab wound. My heart has been repeatedly stopped from space for minutes at a time. I am given earaches when I do what I am not supposed to do. These earaches can just as easily conduct someone to the top of a building, but why bother. Now they can just run your consciousness. The scientists gave brain technology to them to march soldiers home in the case of invasion. So far, it has only been used for assassinations like Princess Diana. They had to get the Queen of England on with the War in Iraq. I am sorry this email is so disjointed. Someone is talking in my head constantly. I am rusty on Physics. Please help me out.

Here is the problem:

Suppose you are Hitler and you want worldwide omniscience. You know that the brain generates magnetic fields which are measurable, although minutely, from space by looking at a very exact measurement of the Earth's magnetic field. My insane brain envisions an electron beam which generates x-rays when striking lead. One gets a digital signal from Laue Spots at such a high refresh rate that you can distinguish the leading curve on a footprint of the brain. The footprint looks somewhat like this


/        \

/          \

with the center part containing information. Please feel free to discuss with you fellow students in Biophysics. Would you please email me back with the answer. These assholes in the Bush Administration

wants to take over and it is my rather passive job to take the down. Pink Floyd the Wall is more or less a rough cut of the time we are in.


S: Why is nothing being done about our government?

The CIA was supposed to release documents on the Cold War this past December. WHY HAVE THEY NOT PRODUCED THEM? WHERE ARE THE DOCS? They are in violation of law. The truth is, the Cold War was a fabrication and they were secretly running the USSR through the KGB.

How did Pink Floyd foreshadow Bill Clinton's presidency way back in 1973? I am part of the Wizard of Oz scandal and so I am very familiar with the synchronization of the Wizard of Oz and Pink Floyd's Dark

Side of the Moon. Glinda, who is Clinton in the movie synchronizes with the saxophone. This man is supposed to guide things in for Corporate America after the news of the Bush perpetration of 9/11

comes out. Corporate America chose him expressly for that purpose.

Hillary (the Wellesley President of Young Republicans) is a fake Democrat. Nancy Pelosi is connected to the mob. The media has been taken over by Operation Mockingbird and nobody is handling anything

because there is no open discourse. Spies have seized the reins of power in a game of control the opposites and you control the outcome.

Perhaps Physics should publish something as a whole. I just want out of my walking concentration camp, and I suspect the problem is we have spies for leaders who say that they are doing something when they are just shuffling paper between piles. In these times you cannot tell for sure that people are who they say they are. We need to do something as a whole without taking "It's being handled but we can't

tell you what's happening," for an answer. We need to go ahead and remove the CIA from power as they took over. Clinton is not handling this. The only good assumption these days is that everyone is either

operating in the dark or a spy.


Why is noone talking to me? Did someone tell you that you can't talk to me because you would be acknowledging that I am not insane? That's simply not true. I'm legally schizophrenic. I can say sensible

things and people can believe some of what I say and I am still crazy.

A crazy person's words are not admissible in court because they never know for sure if they are linked in to reality. They do not have control over their own minds. Who are you listening to? You don't know them until we get the "HISTORY OF THE WORLD OMNISCIENCE FILE."

Congress will never impeach the President and I am not up for any elected official the Bushes choose for us via the Clearinghouses. They will be no better and we will end up with a mess of a situation. Take a look at Argentina after the Dirty War and you can see where this will go: people with power and immunity. Where are the CIA's files from the Cold War? They were due in December. They are in violation of law and I know what they are hiding because Grandma took something to the FBI during WWII, that should have gone to the OSS.

Oops. I want to hear about a San Francisco Radio Operation in Chinatown during the war. The Japanese were passing notes to the OSS.

I'm sure some of you know the spy game somewhat. The one thing that undoes it is open discourse. Who are we listening to? To my knowledge there is only Octopus FBI on this case. I am ready for the end of AIDS. I am ready for the brain technology satellites that give imminent suicidal depression, run the bodies of car crashes and building leaps to come down. Why are we running around in circles while these murderous Nazi's are in clear violation of the law.

Open discourse always and please know for a fact your information. Spies are everywhere, but especially in power. Your advocate ends up being your worst enemy in this game. I'm afraid I drew a big operation to William and Mary. Watch your Young Republicans... they will be taking the plunge.

Marvin Bush was head of security for the towers and the Bushes assisted the tower collapse with thermite explosives. Steven E. Jones is a spy though, as is Alex Jones. Haven't quite figured out Michael Moore yet, but he has a stint at an auto company that makes me nervous. Anybody in power they need to control. If they miss on this one they all fry. Don't accept people at their word on this one.

Good luck to you and scream like bloody hell.

Missing W&M,



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