We Get Suggestions ...

Beep ... beep - WonketteOne of the millions of great things about the exciting blog revolution is that there's no death penalty (until after the midterms) for sending e-mails like this one:

Hello again masters of the blogoshpere and new leaders of our national conversation,

With about a dozen issues, scandals, criminal affairs, fraudulent wars and examples of gross incompetence revolving around the GOP, and only four weeks left until the elections, I write to request (suggest, encourage, etc) some coordination on your part in order to lead the conversation in a coherent narrative that will have maximum impact on the American mind .... I suggest this, in each of the last four weeks, pick one thing to focus on and then do all poss to drive that issue into the national conversation.

That sounds terrific! Thanks for helping us focus. OK, here's the "power point" we'll be working for the next four weeks -- you know, to help the dumb fucking voters understand a very simple fact:
Even if the idiot Democrats don't screw it up by themselves, the Republicans will win anyway, because they own the voting machines.

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