We Got Your Stimulus Package Right Here

  • True to its bipartisan roots, the economic stimulus package is good for pretty much nobody. [New York Times, Washington Post]
  • Also, none of the GOP candidates should be allowed to handle the money. And probably not the Democrats either. [The Hill]
  • A couple of endorsements from the dumbest paper of record ever. [New York Times, New York Times]
  • The State Dept. has asked a fox to lead a panel on securing America's hen houses. [New York Times]
  • You know what country seems like it could really use some American troops, just to cool things out? Pakistan. Get somebody on that, please. [Washington Times]
  • DHS shells out $5 million to the flight instructor whose tip prevented Osama bin Laden from attacking the United States led authorities to Zacharias Moussaoui. [Associated Press]

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