What have we got for you over at Happy Nice Time today? What haven't we got!

First, because everyone in the universe has decided that Sunday is the only night that people watch television anymore, we have recaps!

We've got the whole first episode of Mike Judge's new HBO show, "Silicon Valley," so you can watch it and then read about it and then watch it again!

We also kicked off watching the new season of Game of Thrones, and we are happy to inform you this season has blood and boobs, but we regret to inform you it does not yet have ENOUGH blood and boobs.

Don't forget about our Cosmos recap, because then we would all be sad.

We've also got last week's Parenthood recap for you to read, because you are just the sort of person that watches bloodfests AND science AND comedies AND dramedies, you Renaissance person you.

We said goodbye to Mickey Rooney, who lived to be 93, which is far longer than any of you lot will live.

We found out that there is a flavor of science denialism -- Galileo was wrong, church was right, Earth is center of it all -- that we were hitherto unaware was still thriving, and there's gonna be a movie about it narrated by Captain Janeway.

And, of course, sideboob sideboob sideboob sideboob.


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