It's been an exciting week in hating The Note. To recap:

  • Dan Froomkin kicked things off on the 7th with a denial that he's in the gang of 500 and a terse take-down of our "increasingly impenetrable, uninsightful and turgid" friends at the Political Unit.

  • Then the Washington Monthly published an excerpt from Eric Boehlert's book. The piece is a fun collection of The Note's pet stories that, despite their best efforts, amounted to nothing. Remember the David Rosen story? No?

  • HuffPo's Rachel Sklar, friend of Wonkette, picks up trail and attacks them where it hurts: right in their stupid daily email blast.

  • And our too-rich-and-too-thin New York sister learns, finally, of the pain we suffer every day. And we Note: Why the hell have ABC publicists started sending out obtuse excerpts from the Note without explanation? They're not newsworthy, and, quite often, they're lies. Anyone care to explain that?

After the jump, we'll decode today's Note.


1. Democrats are stupid.

2. Democrats don't get along with one another.

3. Kerry is stupid.

4. We (the Note) have just used the word "responsibly" in relation to Congressional Republicans.

The Note


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