We Listed The Most Beautiful Women In The World, Do You Know #1? Tabs, Mon., Aug. 2, 2021

We Listed The Most Beautiful Women In The World, Do You Know #1? Tabs, Mon., Aug. 2, 2021

Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

Hey remember that St. Louis meeting where they whooped and hollered when the County Council overrode the mayor's mask mandate? COVID was in attendance. (CNN)

Nobody's right all the time, and some unions been showing their ass on vaccine mandates. — Lawyers Guns & Money

Okay, but even less right are the people who are now taking cow dewormer to fight COVID, and yes it's real and NO DON'T DO IT. (Arkansas Times)

I fuckin' love teens. When parents told their kids they wouldn't let them get vaccinated, this one created VaxTeen. — Time

Hoooooey, AWFUL lot going on in this decision by Judge Neomi Rao — yes, the Trump appointee! — regarding one Mr. Larry Klayman, Superlawyer, Esq., in his panoply of suits and countersuits with his erstwhile org, Judicial Watch. Awful lot. And I read the whole thing. Presumably Superlawyer Klayman is appealing, again, as we speak. (Decision)

A History of (White) Violence. You will doubtless want to read Michael Harriot on how we never could have known the white men of 1/6 would storm the Capitol after they said for months they were going to storm the Capitol. — The Root

And another history of white violence, this one, improbably (or probably I guess) at Woodstock 99. Horrific. From our Sara Benincasa, at Medium.

Sounds like this "Tim Pool" youtuber fella, a former Occupy guy who claims to be center-left but is also all in for Trump, miiiiight be a lazy narcissist hack who's terrible at his job and lies a lot? (Daily Beast)

Washington Post literally asked its essayists to write pro-Trump fiction — but what if he hadn't sucked so hard it was lethal? — and No More Mister Nice Blog notes now they're paying it forward to Ron DeSantis.

Who just put forth an executive order threatening to withhold school funding from any schools that require students to wear masks. (Pic of EO)

Tucker Carlson's terrible week :( — Molly Jong-Fast at Daily Beast

Tampa tried to do something about climate change. Gov. Ron DeSantis decided he'd rather Florida drown. (Grist)

Rebecca, don't you live near here? Yes, in fact I do, just on the other side of the lake. (And the other side of the street on the other side of the lake. Only state senators live on the lake.) Luckily as I type this we're having wind, lightning, and no rain.

Okay it's raining.

This New York bar does a three-course dinner of cocktails that are like "beets" and "gravy," and I could be wrong but it sounds not delicious! (Liquor)

San Diego and LA, we will soon be on our way to see you. Spokane, San Francisco, et al., you're doin' it your way! — WONKMEETS!

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