This is a very inane video and we do not generally like to reward insipid topics like "interviews with Newt Gingrich" with more viewz, but this one is fun because it includes Newt having a giggle at Meghan McCain's constant ridiculousness. Finally, a single theme that can bring America back together again! Who even cares what Mistress Meg said about Newt's dumb campaign? The point is that she has No Clue. Even Newt Gingrich giggles when he thinks about her. EVEN NEWT GINGRICH GIGGLES AT HER, when she calls him stupid. And we laugh at Newt Gingrich all the time, so somehow these things multiply with one another like rabbits, on meth, having sex a hundred times per hour, to create infinite comedy.

Okay okay, Newt is still a rancid dingbat after all, nobody panic. Here he is in the second part of the interview talking about the Occupy Wall Street protests:

"Being angry about where we are, being angry about the economy, makes sense. But the idea that they somehow self-righteously represent the nation is not true. In fact I think some of them have patterns of vulgarity that I think are destructive. [Inaudible.] I much prefer the sort of study-oriented approach that the Tea Party has taken, where they're actually trying to figure out what the answer is, not just raising -- making noise."

Enjoy your Halloween in the sixth dimension, Newt! Or wherever it is that there is a Tea Party that is "study-oriented," because it is not here on Earth. [Daily Caller]


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