We Pulled the Statue Down, What More Do They Want?

Surprisingly, the White House's attempt to atone for the abuses at Abu Ghraib by building the Iraqis a brand new prison has not caught on in the about-to-be-sovereign nation. "I don't think the building itself has any meaning, positive or negative," Iraqi Interior Minister Samir al-Sumaidy told the Globe and Mail, "We give it meaning by how we use it." What? A citizen of a country once ruled by dictator fond of self-serving and grandiose but empty gestures isn't placated by this one? You'd think he suspects that bad things still happen in modern American prisons or something.

Iraqis hostile over plan to raze Abu Ghraib [Globe and Mail]

In some US prisons, echoes of Abu Ghraib [CSM]


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