If you have ever woken up early, not had your average 8 cups of coffee per hour, drank six beers before 11 a.m. (plus a shot!), stood mercilessly in the summer heat of Washington D.C., gone and had several more beers, and then come home, YOU WOULD HAVE THE WORST HEADACHE IN AMERICAN HISTORY, which is what your Wonkette editor currently has after Paultardpalooza 2k8. Here's a teaser from Wonkette operative "Melanie," a D.C. slave intern, but not a member of the venerable "house of six interns" that DID NOT SHOW today. More photos later today, tomorrow and the next day, if this goddamnthrobbing sensation in my skull ever disappears. Thanks to the 15-20 amazing humans who showed up early this morning to drink alcohol for free.


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