We Watch Your Homemade Documentary Shorts

We Watch Your Homemade Documentary Shorts

stateofunionWMP.jpgPresident Bush spent part of today in New Orleans, providing some delightful strawberry sensibilities to go along with his photo-op companions, Governor Vanilla and Mayor McChocolate.

One Wonkette reader, by means of responding, points us to his self-produced documentary on the current state of New Orleans. The movie, available online, contains some powerful images of the devastation, some of which are the equal of anything you've probably seen on the news. The narration is, naturally, earnest in tone, but if we're being honest, it sort of loses us around the time it suggests that the damage done by Katrina is on equal footing with the damage done by, uhm...Applebee's.

That said, the only other piece of constructive criticism we feel qualified to offer is that if you want to attract more viewers to your film about The Big Easy, an extended titty montage certainly wouldn't hurt.

State of the "Forgotten Part" of the Union Address [Katrenema]


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