We Will Liveblog The Dickens Out Of These '2009 Elections'

We Will Liveblog The Dickens Out Of These '2009 Elections'

It has been some time since we used to liveblog election results every single Tuesday for months at a time, so let's do it tonight, on "Election Day 2009," which has brought about as much excitement and suspense as the May 3, 2008 Democratic primary in Guam. The powers-that-be, like dicks, have constructed a system in which Virginia polls close at 7:00, New Jersey polls close at 8:00, and New York polls close at 9:00. We will start here at 6:45ish and just cold motherfuckin' type all night long. CNN has definitely issued a release promising NINE MILLION ANALYSTS for its panel tonight, and you cannot miss any of them! Now go stock up on alcohol & guns and return for ridiculous insanity-typing that, we promise, will only be tangentially related to politics.


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