We'd Love to Check Out the History Folder on His Web Browser

And we bet that Justice Thomas has a special weakness for streaming video:

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas won't get upset if you call him a techno-geek. In fact, he loves it and is considered in the court to be a world-class techie who prefers working on his computer at home--or on the road in his RV. And now he's getting some pats on the back for bringing the court into the 21st century by pushing major advances in computer and high-tech security technology.

"He is really into it," says Rep. Frank Wolf, a telecommuting proponent who helped Thomas get funding for the court's IT changes. It's a job the late Chief Justice William Rehnquist gave Thomas, though he's shy about taking credit. At a recent budget hearing, as Thomas demurred when asked if he was the force behind the changes, Justice William Kennedy barked, "Yes, yes."

We don't mean to be pedantic -- we make tons of little mistakes like this each day -- but who's Justice William Kennedy? (Justice Anthony Kennedy, whose sense of self-importance is well-established, would be peeved by this mistake.)

Washington Whispers [USN&WR]


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