So who's going to replace Scott McClellan? Truth be told, there's not much new on that front. Executive summary: Any Republican who has ever been on TV is under consideration.

The Post reports that it's between Tony Snow, the Fox News radio host; Dan Senor, former Iraq occupation spokesman (and hubby of Campbell Brown); Victoria Clarke, former Pentagon spokeshottie (and current CNN contributor); and Rob Nichols, former Treasury spokesman. The Times mentions Snow, Clarke, and Nichols (but notes, as we did yesterday, Clarke's claim that she's not interested).

Hotline helpfully summarizes some opinions from yesterday. Keith Olbermann is focused on Snow, Clarke, and Senor (but noted that all three raise conflicts issues with Fox, CNN, and NBC, respectively). John Roberts of CNN is betting on Snow or Nichols. George Stephanopoulos is "betting Senor will get the job"; Rachel Sklar agrees. Dana Milbank jokes, with respect to Tony Snow: "Is this just the beginning of a trend? Does Sean Hannity replace Rumsfeld at the Pentagon? Does Bill O'Reilly get the FBI?"

Oh, Dana...

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