wedmornlogo.jpgLast month, we predicted that Scott McClellan would be gone as White House press secretary by the summer. That prediction has now come to pass.

We also suggested that McClellan might be replaced by the exceedingly attractive Dana M. Perino, just promoted to serve as Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy Press Secretary. Perino was being groomed for the job after Trent Duffy made clear that he wasn't interested.

But that was before Josh Bolten officially took over as Chief of Staff. And we're hearing that Yosh doesn't think Dana Perino is ready for prime time just yet.

So who will fill Scott McClellan's (often uncomfortable) shoes? Hotline On Call offers a helpful round-up of the candidates under consideration: Tony Snow, Rob Nichols, Dan Bartlett, Victoria Clark, Dan Senor, Brian Jones, and Ron Bojean. The Hotline crew seems to favor Bartlett -- who, rumor has it, may be leaving his current post soon.

(Oh, and here's a dark horse contender for the job.)

We've heard that Dan Senor was viewed by many as a great candidate, if not for his marriage to the luscious Campbell Brown. In addition to the obvious conflicts issue, the jokes about the press secretary being "in bed with the media" would never stop.

If you have anything to add -- either about Scotty's successor or why he left (and why now) -- feel free to drop us a line. It will be interesting to see how this all shakes out.

Who Replaces Scott? [Hotline On Call]

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