Well, it appears we have an answer tothis morning's burning question. The answer is: violent, insane mobs have overtaken every single political forum in the country -- including one held at Brooklyn seniors' center, where Rep. Anthony Weiner was nearly eated alive by a churlish group of anti-Communist mummies.

First principal of civil political discourse: do not get between an old person and his lunch.

The Democratic congressman, who represents Brooklyn and Queens, showed up at the Council Center for Senior Citizens in Midwood just before noon for a town hall meeting on President Obama's health care plan.

[...] "I came to eat and I came to eat on time," said David Figman, an 84-year-old retired postal worker. "They are having chicken marsala today and the food is good."

Rep. Weiner proceeded to absorb a lot of heated insults until finally, at 12:22pm, the misery ended.

"I'm just hungry," said 76-year-old Albert Fink. "This is a lot of silliness."

Linda Lefton, 61, stared at the clock.

"Usually our lunch starts at noon," she said. "I think he is going to cause us to delay our lunch. That's no good."

Democracy in action!

Rep. Anthony Weiner gets earful from seniors with questions about 'communist' health care plan [New York Daily News]


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