Weird How All These Republicans Want To Do S&M To Lisa Murkowski!

Seriously, what are you doing over there?

Once again we find ourselves wondering what the heck Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski is doing in the Republican Party after all the crap she gets from Republicans. Maybe it's a tax cut thing we'll never understand. She was turfed out of the Republican Party primary during the Teabagger Electoral Fuckquake of 2010, losing to a compulsive liar named Joe Miller, and kept her seat by running a write-in campaign, with Miller insisting that no votes for her would count unless the ballots spelled her name letter-perfect. She won again, and didn't have to worry about Alaskans' spelling skills in 2016. And last night, she did a little bit of heroism by following through on her vow to vote against a motion to proceed on Trumpcare. No fanfare, no drama, no big speech pretending to be more principled than the rest of the Senate Rs -- she just was more principled.

And here was her thanks this morning, from the nominal leader of her party:

That's actually a badge of honor, there. Trump didn't similarly yell at Susan Collins because why should he have to look up two women's names?

So here's a thank you from a bunch of liberal mommy-bloggers, and an invitation to come over here and sit with us, where we consistently support Planned Parenthood (like you do!) and we appreciate how you lost your shit when your party tried to pretend it had no War On Women.

Maybe you'd rather be yelled at for being too liberal for the Republicans than get yelled at for being too conservative for the Democrats. We guess we can understand that.

Just one thing: Next time there's a big healthcare vote coming up, could you and Susan Collins please tell Shelley Moore Capito you'll stuff her into her locker if she doesn't vote with you? Sometimes a little Mean Girl goes a long way.

Also, too, watch out for this weirdo from Georgia who wants to spank you.

And now, Wonkers, it is your Open Thread!

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Doktor Zoom

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