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Hell of a point, Jake Tapper.

"The world needed to see what I was seeing" — Darnella Frazier, the 17-year-old girl who recorded Derek Chauvin murdering George Floyd. (Washington Post) And — relevant! — the teenage girl in the Kent State photo, and the past 50 years for her. Oh no, the hate mail. Oh no, what they said about the students who died. Oh no. (Also WaPo)

"That could have been me." All the people Derek Chauvin choked out before he met and murdered George Floyd. — Marshall Project

Chauvin's conviction is the exception that proves the rule. (This is true. The damn chief of police was a witness for the prosecution. White people could vote to convict because UNDENIABLY BAD APPLE.) (A bad apple spoils the bunch.) — The Atlantic

Washington state lege passes bill to require officers to intervene if one of their colleagues is murdering someone, or even just using garden variety excessive force. Washington state didn't make like an asshole Montana and vote in a Republican governor, so this will presumably become law. (US News)

And as the verdict came down, Columbus, Ohio, police shot and killed a 16-year-girl, reported as Ma'Khia Bryant. Her aunt says the girl had called the police herself to report she was being abused. According to a witness, they immediately shot her. Time to go lie down a while. When we get up, there's work to do. — Daily Beast

Trump won't try to sell the vaccine to his idiot supporters because he's a spiteful bitch who wants people to actually die for him. Also, he presumably doesn't have any Pfizer stock.

"If he spent the last 90 days being the voice — and taking credit because he deserved to for the vaccine — and helping get as many Americans get vaccinated as he could, he would be remembered for that," said a former senior administration official. "Honestly, I think if he was out on the road and celebrating his accomplishments and trying to get people vaccinated he wouldn't have been in the mindset that led to [Capitol riots on] January 6."

"Trump's former aides say he whiffed on vaccine legacy." — Politico

Why isn't the DOJ introducing any evidence that the Capitol Rioters planned their shit in advance? (NBC News)

Who's suppressing voters today, it is Montana yay. (Democracy Docket) Meanwhile, the Montana lege is making a new template for how red states can eviscerate their independent judiciaries! (KTVH)

This was sort of ... heartening? Swing voters can accurately describe "what is cancel culture," and that the GOP is doing it. — The Bulwark

Mineworkers union endorses Biden's Give Mineworkers Other Jobs proposal, which is pretty similar to Barack Obama's and Hillary Clinton's Give Mineworkers Other Jobs proposals. — NBC News

Eric Boehlert yells at the New York Times, Both Sides Pose Danger To Democracy Edition. (Press Run)

Who's afraid of Naomi Wolf? I am! That former liberal went nuuuuuuuts. — Media Matters

Apropos of Wolf's latest lunacy, no, my vaccine can't make you menstruate. (Dr. Jen Gunter's Vajenda substack)

NPR interviews fabulous, hilarious, tall gay writer Lauren Hough on her new memoir Leaving Isn't the Hardest Thing (Wonkette cut link) about, among other things, growing up in the Children of God cult, being gay in the Air Force during Don't Ask Don't Tell, and her big Twitter backlash this week. (NPR) And an interview in Electric Literature.

Sure, fuck it, why not: adding product placement to classic films. (BBC)

Okay, what can we find that's good, FREE SCHOOL LUNCH through next school year from the USDA. It'll have to do! — WaPo

ORCAS! — The Tyee

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