Weird Scenes From Hillary's Philadelphia Lair

No. No. 10 points? That is like a million points in the sense that HILLARY WILL KEEP RUNNING rather than letter us all take VACATIONS on BEACHES away from THIS. Blah blah blah, Hopey done blown it, more pictures below from Satan's lair.

If Hillary was on stage speaking, then WHY IS THIS HILLARY UPSTAIRS ON THE BALCONY? They are seriously the exact same person from behind. Another lie.

Helluva story: In this exact same ballroom 11 months ago, my senior college class' SENIOR FORMAL was here. And none of these cute gals would hook up with me then, either! Hey, waiter, where's my gin? Oh sorry, that was meant to be verbal.

HEYO! It's Liz with that Candy Crowley gal from the CNN. Liz says she's great, and they're making out right now, goodnight.


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