Weird Vintage Ads That Would Probably Be Banned Today! Tabs, Thurs., Sept. 1, 2022

Tabs gif by your friend Martini Ambassador!

The Department of Justice's 36-page filing about LOOK AT ALL THIS SHIT. (Filing)

Hey remember this? I sure do.

How are rightwing media defending Trump today? Oh they scrambling. (Media Matters)

Want to turn down "the heat"? Prosecute Trump. His followers aren't interested in a human man who can't Triumph in his Will. — Amanda Marcotte at Salon

Let's learn more about Christina Bobb, former OAN host, current Trump lawyer, and current lawyer-needer! (AZ Central)

Washington Post factchecker actually checked a fact, and you are not going to believe this but Tucker Carlson IS LYING about Joe Biden making children report their parents to the feds for COVID wrongthink! — Gift link Washington Post

Georgia's abortion ban is keeping patients from their medications for arthritis, ulcers, and cancer, because "pro-life." (CBS 46)

Why this professor changed her mind and is now in favor of forgiving student loan debt. Perhaps others you are trying to persuade will read and agree! — Gift link New York Times

Who started the student debt crisis? Oh you know it was Ronald Reagan. Here's the bill of particulars, in case you forgot them. (Hartmann Report)

More on the pastor arrested for watering his neighbors' flowers. Oh he is going to sue the daylights out of those cops he is. — NPR

And this is where my heart stopped, and it wasn't until later that I'd cry and cry and cry and cry:

When we got back to Amarillo, they were going to split us up.

Oh oh oh Lauren Houghhhhhhhh.

I click you, weird vintage ads. I click you right now. (Food Is in the House)

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