Weird Voters Still Hating On George W. Bush

No cry, Albino. Iz be okey.Despite the real issues facing Americans -- have you heard about this old black man Jeremiah Wright? -- the 2008 candidate with the biggest political liability is John McCain, who loves George W. Bush more than anything.

A new Wall Street Journal/NBC poll found that "43% say McCain being too closely aligned to Bush and his policies is a major concern." That's a lot more Voter Concern than can be found for Obama's wacky old angry pastor or Hillary's serial dishonesty or even seemingly crucial problems such as McCain's old age or Obama's flag pin.

Meanwhile, voters are predictably worn down by Hillary's Last Stand, and even the stinking albatross of George Bush Junior around McCain's wrinkled old neck may not be enough to sink his chances.

First Thoughts: McCain's Bush Problem [First Read]


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