Sunday Shows On Mother's Day Got Kind Of Weird, Considering

It's been one hell of a week. After Samuel Alito's medieval opinion to overturn Roe v. Wadeleaked, the country has been dealing with it in various ways. But if the Sunday shows are any indication, we have a lot more worries (and lies) ahead than we thought.

Tate Reeves on CNN's 'State Of The Union' and NBC's 'Meet The Press'

Jake Tapper had on Mississippi GOP Governor Tate Reeves, whose state brought the case that gave Alito and his fellow partisan hacks the chance to outlaw abortion.

Tapper asked Reeves about Mississippi's 2007 trigger law, which would automatically ban abortions in Mississippi if Roe is overturned, except in the case of rape or risk to life of the mother, but not incest. Reeves's answer was not very reassuring:

REEVES: Well, that's going to be the law because, in 2007, the Mississippi legislature passed it [...]

TAPPER: Why is it acceptable to force girls who are victims of incest to carry those child -- children to term?

REEVES: Well, as you know, Jake, over 92 percent of all abortions in America are elective procedures. When you look at the number of those that actually -- involve incest, it's less than one percent. And if we need to have that conversation in the future about potential...

TAPPER: This is your law.

REEVES: ... exceptions in the trigger law, we can certainly do that. But the reality is that, again, that affects less than one percent of all abortions in America on an annual basis.

TAPPER: OK, but that is going to be the law of Mississippi.

But the GOP will not stop just at banning abortion when it comes to restricting reproductive rights and regulating women's bodies. Reeves himself hinted at this over on "Meet The Press" when Chuck Todd, of all people, asked a good follow-up question.

Jake Tapper took some time to explain to Tate Reeves why nobody in their right mind would believe Tate Reeves or any other conservative on this subject:

TAPPER: So, Governor, you and I have talked about this before, but Mississippi, as you know, has the highest rate of infant mortality in the United States. You have the highest rate of child poverty in the United States. Your state has no guaranteed maternity leave that's paid. The legislature in Mississippi just rejected extending postpartum Medicaid coverage. Your foster care system is also the subject of a long-running federal lawsuit over its failure to protect children from abuse. [...] You say you want to do more to support mothers and children. But you have been in state government since 2004. You were the state treasurer. Then you were the lieutenant governor. Now you're the governor. Based on the track record of the state of Mississippi, why should any of these girls or moms believe you?

They and we shouldn't.

Asa Hutchinson on ABC's 'This Week'

The GOP governor of Arkanss was asked about a bill he signed last year banning abortion with no exceptions for rape or incest.

His answer was beyond parody:

HUTCHINSON: Well, first of all, again, that's where your heart goes out to them. I've had to deal with those very difficult circumstances of rape and incest as governor. And it's difficult. And so you have to understand that. You have to provide services. [...] But, secondly, I think to your point, the rape and incest exceptions will continue to be a part of the debate. Right now, we do not have rape and incest as exceptions under the Arkansas trigger law, but there's -- I think that will be a part of the debate.

That's a lot of words to substitute in place of "thoughts and prayers." Hutchinson found it so "difficult", he signed the law anyway.

Have a week!

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