Welcome To Lauren Boebert’s MAGA Funhouse, With The Guns And The Lighters!

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Welcome To Lauren Boebert’s MAGA Funhouse, With The Guns And The Lighters!

GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert from Colorado loves guns, but she may be less wild about gun safety. Salon reviewed video apparently recorded July 25 that shows Boebert's eight-year-old son "singing, dancing and playing with cigarette lighters," which is its own set of concerning issues, but the more immediate one is that the kid was alone in a room just a few feet away from a high-capacity rifle. Loaded? Salon's headline says "possibly."

Boebert has previously displayed her stockpile of guns during congressional Zoom meetings, and Democratic Rep. Katie Porter has mocked Boebert's unconventional bookshelf art.

When people noted that this was hardly safe firearm storage, Boebert responded, "Who says this is storage? These are ready for use," which is actually worse. Boebert is not a smart person, but you knew that already.

According to a new Colorado state law, gun owners must store their death machines in a gun safe, with a trigger or cable lock, whenever they are reasonably aware that a "juvenile or a resident who is ineligible to possess a firearm can gain access to the firearm." Yes, this is a new law.

From Salon:

In the July 25 video, Boebert's son is seen dancing alone in that same bedroom, close to a weapon that appears to be one of the same rifles seen loaded during the February Zoom call. It's in a different position in the July video, leaning casually against the headboard of a bed, near what appears to be a handgun lying on the floor.

Jesus H. Christ.

Salon also provided a handy visual aid, we guess should Child Protective Services be interested in giving it a look-see:


Even if the youngest member of your household is of retirement age, you probably shouldn't have handguns lying around on the floor. It's probably worse for your feet when you step on them than Legos. The rifle leaning against the wall near her bed has big "Granny Clampett holding off revenuers" energy. Boebert should also consider hiring an interior decorator, or at least a cleaning service because ... damn.

The rifle is visible in several other TikTok videos Boebert's son posted in August. In some of the videos, he's playing with other kids, but always without apparent parental supervision. According to the Denver Post, children under age 12 die from gun accidents in the United States about once a week, on average.

Almost every death begins with the same basic circumstances: an unsecured and loaded gun, a guardian's lapse in attention. And each ends with the same basic questions: Who is to blame, and should the person be punished?

The answers are also basic: The parents/guardians are to blame and should face the harshest legal consequences for prioritizing their Red Dawnfantasies over their children's safety.

Perhaps more disturbing than Boebert's lax gun safety is the content of her son's TikTok videos. In one, he insists that Donald Trump "is the real president, not Joe Biden — Joe Biden sucks." He boasts, "My mom is Lauren Boebert," while describing one red cigarette lighter as Biden and a green lighter as Trump. (There apparently weren't any blue lighters available to make the metaphor more effective.) Several videos feature the kid lighting and relighting the lighters, even tossing them on the floor behind him and near the rifle.


In 2018, Boebert explained gun safety by saying, "Accidents happen by being careless or ignorant. Either people don't know what they're doing, or they think they know everything."

She sounds like she's describing herself, kinda! She's demonstrating peak lack of self-awareness here.

Prior to what we all hope is her single term in Congress, Boebert twice pleaded guilty for failing to use proper child restraints while driving in 2011 and 2017.

She's awful and we feel sorry for her kid.


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