Welcome To The Fantastic World Of Today

  • A 90-minute discussion between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu did not include the customary public handshake at the beginning, which means that World War III (AIPAC vs. ACORN) will commence shortly. [Guardian]
  • Parents, don't all rush to have asthmatic kids just because you think they can get insurance now! They cannot. [AP]
  • Speaking of babies, two Slings of Death have been pulled from the market. [ABC News]
  • In the deadly waters off the coast of Somalia, pirates are now the prey. [CNN]
  • The most important thing about the healthcare bill is that it begins to address economic inequality, which is why fat-cat Republican plutocrats hate the shit out of it. [New York Times]
  • Everybody is so delighted that Joe Biden said "fuck" yesterday, because it was the most important word in the whole health care bill. [NBC Los Angeles]

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