Welcome to the Trail, Jackass

* Patraeus wishes that he had like a million Robocops to put into Baghdad cause then that place would straighten up real fast. [NYT]

* New Iraq report is vague enough that everybody can make up lies about it. [NYT]

* Hey you know all those crazy people that block the way into Starbucks whenever there's a protest shouting about how we live in a police state? Looks like they're sort of onto something. [WP]

* A classic Republican wedge issue has become an issue wedging Republicans -- poetic irony to make your sixth grade English teacher smile. [The Hill]

* President Bush, troop supporter in chief, has chosen to support the troops by not only having no idea what's best for them, but by not even bothering to take a guess, write it down, and send it to Congress. [Roll Call]

* After a summer of incompetently not running for president, Fred Thompson now applies what he knows about fucking up a non-bid to fucking up a declared bid. Run, Fred! Run! [Politico]

* Also, some of the industries that don't support Fred Thompson include every industry he's ever worked in. [LAT]


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