Welcome to Typical Leftist Dickeater!

Our boss is IM'ing us with stuff like, "Why is Malkin bothering me?" and "Please make it stop!" But if he thinks a couple of lowly bloggers can stop a force of jingoistic bullshit like Michelle Malkin, he is sadly mistaken.

The story so far: Malkin is apparently claiming the all-but-naked picture of her is somehow "photoshopped," whatever that means. Sure it is, Michelle, sure it is. We happened to find that picture on Flickr, which clearly identifies itself as "The best place to store, search, sort and share your photos." Nothing at all about "photoshops." Nice try, Soviets!

Anyway, she's hopping mad and she's not going to take it. And her enthusiastic supporters are hopping mad, too. Imagine, a woman in a swimsuit! Some of them say they've seen Wonkette and they are not impressed. Apparently, this site is "childish," "unprofessional," "disgraceful" and "typical leftist dickeater." Disgraceful, eh? Is it disgraceful that we didn't publish that picture of Malkin with her mouth full of poop? See the real Mrs. Malkin, after the jump.

Find all the immigrants, bounty hunter, and send the corpses to Lord VaderAs we always say, "If you just listened to Malkin in the first place, you would've known better than to look at this smutty site. But it's too late now, which means you're condemned to Hell forever by Jesus and The Devil."


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