Welfare-Nature Queer Mark Sanford Using Stimulus Money On Appalachian Trail

South Carolina granola hippie Mark Sanford just couldn't take thepressure, man, so he put on his Tevas and headed up to the mountains to clear his head. Nothing like some Kinhin walking meditation to get the fear of The Man -- that man, the prez -- out of your soul. At least out here on the Appalachian Trail, mean old Barack Obama with his suits and his money and his power trips can't bum you out .... unless uptight Obama is even using his Power Trip Stimulus Money on the trail itself.

Huffington Post professional bummer Sam Stein broke the news that harshed Mark's forest buzz:

The economic recovery package enacted by Obama includes money that will help improve the trail on which Sanford has been hiking.

In late April, the U.S. Department of Interior said that $750 million in stimulus cash would be spent on more than 750 projects at national parks across the United States. The total included $650,000 for enhancing the Appalachian Trail.

Guess there's no escaping The Man after all. Sanford plans to "run naked for president" on the Freak Power ticket in 2012, because Sanford believes the ancient Mayan calander predicts extremely good vibes (and the end of the world) during that groovy year.


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