Well, Have You Tried to Open a Bag of Potato Chips Lately?

Another Wednesday, another installment of our very favorite regular blog feature, "What As Andy Thinking." Here, courtesy CBS, the topics of some of Andy Rooney's 60 Minutes editorials in 2003:

* 03/02/03: "Fashion Sense?" - Andy reads a fashion magazine

* 04/20/03: "An Illuminating Thought" - the sources of light

* 05/25/03: "Hard To Open" - have you tried to open a bottle of aspirin lately...or a bag of potato chips?

* 06/22/03: "Fashion Sense" - what it's like to read a fashion magazine [Note: apparently different from 3/2/04 segment]

* 11/23/03: "What I Like And Dislike" - Andy lists both the things he likes and things he dislikes

The fact that so much unedited free-associative complaining is broadcast on network TV weekly makes us almost not hate America. Here's a bit from one of our favorite vintage Rooney pieces, on coffee makers:

My old Braun coffeemaker was great. It died, so I bought this Braun coffeemaker, which seemed to be pretty similar. It sucks. The coffee's good, but it's not quite hot enough, and the machine already leaks and drips after just a few months. Plus, the pot dribbles when you pour, which the old one didn't. How can they get that wrong?

Oh, that contankerous Andy Rooney, always... wait, sorry, that's the universe's most popular and influential blogger. Our mistake.

What Was Andy Thinking... In 2003? [PublicEye]

Coffeemaker Bleg [Instapundit]


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