It has beenover a year since some Republican finally made the obvious connection, in public, that Barack Obama and professional golf player Tiger Woods are the same person. Both are half-black, half-Muslin, and half-Asian but still manage to be polite human beings who speak eloquently and don't go on welfare or murder children. In fact it is racist to even mention Barack Obama in a sentence that doesn't also include Tiger Woods. And so on Monday (4/20!...?) Barack Obama invited Tiger Woods to the White House, and photos of this important historical race meeting have been released to the public today.

See? When Joe Biden dies soon, Tiger Woods will be the perfect replacement. Although we suspect that Tiger Woods, despite being a minority, is a very conservative Republican. You must remember that he plays golf at country clubs for a living. And we remember reading a story from the beginning of his career when someone asked him why he had immediately moved to Florida after turning professional, at 21, and he started grumbling about tax rates in other states. He is probably a neocon. Anyway.

Meeting Tiger Woods [Pete Souza/White House]

Tiger Woods in the White House [CBS News]


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