Well, No Wonder


I know we haven't spoken since your little press conference about Carla. I do hope that she's not actually in the family way, for your sake, and that your vacation was quite relaxing. But I was really writing to point out that it might be time to stop running from the specter of your failed marriage. Cecilia's unauthorized bio came out this week, and people now realize what a harridan she was. I mean, she calls you names, she can't stop shopping (though, really, who among us can?) and she gets her presumably expensive French lace thong in a twist that you might've cheated when she was cheating, too.

And, hon, we've all been there. Everyone had ended a relationship that was obviously wrong and needed some time to slut it up before getting back into the relationship saddle... and then had the rebound turn into something more. But you know else everyone's had happen? The rebound ending up not really being that much more. So, yes, love, preggers, whatever. My therapist is a really lovely woman and she helped me out a lot and I'd be happy to give you her number. I think she even speaks French..



French court OKs book on ex-first lady [Yahoo News]


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