Well Well Well, Look Who Hates Israel

Well Well Well, Look Who Hates Israel

Sorry, Eric Cantor, but it looks like you will never get reelected now, because it turns out you are an anti-Semite what hates Israel, and also probably the Jews.What a shanda!

Top House Republicans were invited to Israel with President Barack Obama, but did not attend because of the congressional schedule, sources on Capitol Hill and at the White House say.

Most notably, Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) declined an invitation to attend a Jerusalem state dinner in honor of Obama because Congress is voting on government funding and the 2014 budget this week, several sources said. The White House invited Cantor to Obama’s speech in Jerusalem.

Why does Barack Nobumer invite Eric Cantor to Israel, when he knows Eric Cantor can't attend a dinner in Obama's honor miss important budget votes? That is like inviting him for a yummy lobster salad summit when you know lobster isn't kosher!

Some other Congresscritters managed to make the trip to Israel, but that is because they are Democrats, so they don't care about work but just sit around being lazy and shiftless, on their Obamaphones.

[Politico, via TPM]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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