Wendy Davis Loses In Texas Despite Apparent Membership In Wu Tang Clan

Wendy Davis attended an election-day event wearing a T-shirt based on the Wu-Tang Clan logo, but the power of the Killa Bees (plus, OK, a pretty lame campaign organization) was not enough to prevail for the newfound hero of Texas women. The next governor of Texas will be Greg Abbott, who will continue the state's legacy of keeping women in line and not letting the wrong people vote.

This doesn't mean that we don't still love Wendy Davis, but for all we loved her, her campaign never quite found a way to get Texans to share that love -- or to overcome the barking of charmers like RedState asshole Erick Erickson, who we would like to emphasize can never stop talking about just how committed he is to the thoughts of Jesus of Nazareth:

Get it? Pink sneakers/ruby slippers? Oh yeah, and she's a total witch, too.

Ah well -- it was a long shot, and it was Texas, and nothing can take away the excitement of Davis's filibuster against Texas's terrible abortion restrictions. We still stand with Wendy.


Doktor Zoom

Doktor Zoom's real name is Marty Kelley, and he lives in the wilds of Boise, Idaho. He is not a medical doctor, but does have a real PhD in Rhetoric. You should definitely donate some money to this little mommyblog where he has finally found acceptance and cat pictures. He is on maternity leave until 2033. Here is his Twitter, also. His quest to avoid prolixity is not going so great.


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