We're Getting Eric Cantor On Dancing With The Stars In Today's Happy Links!


Ain't no party like aHappy Nice Time People party 'cause a Happy Nice Time People party don't stop! It's true, we are always on the Internet. Anyway, today we've got Stephen Hawking AND Miley Cyrus AND John Oliver AND Eric Cantor AND so very much more. It's your evening Happy Links!

We shared some sweet pick-up moves (no, really, they are actual good ideas!)

We recapped the Game of Thrones season finale.

We started an awesome petition to get Eric Cantor on Dancing With The Stars.

We celebrated the icy beauty of Fargo on FX.

We chortled as Stephen Hawking made fun of John Oliver.

We advised a gentleman who has been celibate for a year.

We watched Chef.

We explored our own sexuality with Adina Howard.

We experienced the magic of John Oliver tackling that racist football team name.

And we looked at the fine sideboob (well, actually, underboob) of one Miley Cyrus.

Congrats! Your Monday is nearly over! Fare thee well, angelbutts.




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