It's Your GOP Sunday Show Idiot Roundup, Post-Capitol Insurrection Edition!

On January 6, 2021, Donald Trump incited an insurrection at the Capitol.

After the dust settled, blood was spilled, lives ruined and Republicans in Congress continued to try to disenfranchise voters, even after the sedition, we were left with trying to hold Trump and his enablers accountable for a tragedy that was entirely predictable and four years in the making. So, with that in mind, this week's Sunday shows!

We'll start on CBS's "Face The Nation," where host Margaret Brennan interviewed Missouri GOP senator Roy Blunt. She asked if Trump should resign for his role in inciting the violence and chaos on January 6, but Blunt said nah. Then he said this bafflingly daft thing:

BRENNAN: Are Republican leaders going to hold them accountable in any way for it?

BLUNT: Well, I think the country is the-- the right way to hold Presidents accountable. The President should be very careful over the next ten days that his behavior is what you'd expect from the leader of the greatest country in the world. Now, my personal view is that the President touched the hot stove on Wednesday and is unlikely to touch it again.

If that sounds familiar, it's because your "Susan Collins Sense" is tingling.

The idea that Trump learned about anything from his first impeachment other than Republicans' lack of spine would be laughable if he wasn't a dangerous madman. Brennan asked if Trump treason enablers like senators Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz should be held accountable, and the answer is no, and also that again, Trump should not be removed.

BLUNT: --I said that wouldn't happen. I'm not-- I wasn't interested then or now in spending a lot of time on things that can't happen--

BRENNAN: So no sanction?

BLUNT: --just like the impeachment-- just like the impeachment of the President, to remove him from office clearly is not going to happen between now and the last day he's in office. [...] Is there any likelihood that he could possibly be removed between now and January the 20th? And if there's no additional ensuing event my-- my belief is there is no possibility of that.

Seems Blunt needs another constitutional crisis to acknowledge reality. He also complained that an impeachment could not be rushed through becasue there is too little time, while forgetting that we all saw them confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court in 10 days of hearings.

Meanwhile, over on Fox News's "Sunday Morning Futures", Maria Bartiromo's usual hive of scum and villainy seemed a bit more subdued after last week's events.

Ohio GOP congressman Jim Jordan decided was more reserved than usual, whining out calls for unity.

JORDAN: I hope the Democrats don't go down this road. We don't know if they re going to. Let's hope that they do not do that. [...] Now the Democrats are gonna try to remove the president from office just seven days before he's set to leave anyways. I do not see how that unifies the country.

Somewhere in there, Jordan, like a cover band that has to play the hits, snuck in a Peter Strzok reference. He did refer to Joe Biden as president-elect, though.

Meanwhile, GOP Senator Marco Rubio tried to claim the Trump supporters who attacked the Capitol weren't really conservatives, or something.

Finally, Devin Fucking Nunes told Maria Bartiromo about what truly matters, which is how he can't talk to his three million Parler followers no more:


Good Sunday shows, Republicans! Can't imagine what next week will be like.

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