We're Looking Forward to "Dollargate"

Someone wrote us today to ask why weren't doing anything more with "Coingate." You can probably guess our response: "There's a Coingate?" Could anything possibly sound sexier? Those hoping for hot Susan B. Anthony-on-Sacagawea action will be disappointed, however. Coingate ( Really! That's what they're calling it!) is about some chubby Republican in Ohio who was given $50 million by the state to invest in rare coins. Now $13 million is missing and everyone wants to know: Why was the state of Ohio investing in rare coins? Do they print their money at the Franklin Mint in Ohio? Perhaps their investment advisor felt the Thomas Kinkade Hedge Fund was overvalued.

Okay, okay: They're really curious about where the money went. It's a huge, complicated scandal and Karl Rove is involved somehow. Still: "Coingate." Who knew?

White touted Bush ties to help get federal post [Toledo Blade]

The $50 million slush fund [Toledo Blade]


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