We're Number Three! USA USA USA!

We're Numba Three! - WonketteHumanity has many religions, languages, and forms of funny clothing, but there is one thing all Earthlings share: a deep loathing for the United States, Iran and Israel.

Sadly, the USA isn't even at the top of that sad list; Israel and Iran are the countries seen as having the most "negative effect" on the world, with America at No. 3. Weirdly enough, Iran is the only country in the Top Three that hasn't started a war with anybody lately -- obviously, it is time for the United States and Israel to take harsh action against the Persian ne'er-do-wells.

BBC World Service conducted the global survey. Shockingly, the negative rating for the United States has been rising rapidly since January 20, 2001. Something bad must've happened around then ....

Israel, Iran top 'negative list' [BBC]


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