We're So Pretty, Oh So Pretty ... We're Vacant (Mitt, Too)


  • Bend over for Romneycare.American fraud and eternal source of comedy Mitt Romney is squirming with his usual awkwardness over the Romneycare government takeover of health insurance he instituted in Massachusetts when he was governor there. Barack Obama often praises Romney for creating such a swell socialistic health-care scheme. But Mittens, who is hilariously running for the GOP nomination again, just wants teabaggers to know that while Obamacare is nearly identical to Romneycare, he is very much against whatever little bit differs from his own socialist health insurance scheme. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Teabaggers are so furious about _______, they're making more threats against American politicians than ever before! One gang of slobs wrote, "If our tea parties had hoods, we would burn your [expletive] on a cross on the White House front lawn." Ass? Is ass the "expletive"? Why does the Washington Post protect teabaggers? And how could a "tea party" wear a hood? [Washington Post]
  • A bunch of crazy stuff is going down in Kyrgyzstan and Thailand. [Reuters/Dispatch Online]
  • Malcolm McLaren, a founding father of British Punk Rock who brought together the Sex Pistols for both money and anti-Monarchy political theater, died of cancer at age 64. When anybody looks "punk" on the street today, they are unwittingly copying the styles McLaren invented/stole nearly four decades ago at his London boutique. He had a pretty good ear for rock 'n roll and "world music" and hip hop and opera and electronica, too. [New York Times/BBC]

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