We're Taking This Show On The Road


Greetings to you, beetle-browed denizens of the Internet. Justin Peters here, your intrepid and always-hungry guest blogger, with a modest proposal, one that barely even involves cooking and eating Irish children. For many reasons, but mostly because the wireless connection in my house is shit, I'm thinking of liveblogging Wonkette from somewhere in the DC area on Thursday. I'm looking for suggestions as to where I should go. The only requirements are these:

1) A reliable wireless Internet connection, or at least a servile copyboy ready to transcribe my comic gold (You like those Alcibiades jokes? Huh? Huh?).

2) I won't get arrested, shot, or harassed by LaRouchies by being there.

Other than that, the field is wide open. A public park? Your office? The bus station? Send your suggestions to the Wonkette tips address; I'll take the most intriguing one and let you know where I'm going by Wednesday night.


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