We're Whalers On The Moon, We Carry A Harpoon


Soon there'll be nothing left at Cape Canaveral but three mechanical engineers, the decaying corpse of Alan Shepard, and some jerry-rigged TI-82 graphing calculators:

Three NASA advisers who spoke out against budget cuts to the space agency's science programs turned in their resignations this week, officials said Thursday.... Levy, a professor of physics and astronomy who also is provost at Rice University in Houston, said their commitment to a broad science program at NASA "didn't comport with the kind of advice that the administrator and the chairman of the committee were looking for."

What sort of advice was the committee looking for?

  • Ways to realize the utopian world promised in Smashmouth's song "Walking On The Sun."

  • Who was the greater hero: Captain Kirk or Captain Picard?

  • Where to find those damn moon landing tapes.

  • How to build a non-explody space shuttle.

  • Okay, how do we get to Mars using D batteries, gaffer's tape, and an Erector set?

3 Critics of NASA Cuts Quit Panel [AP via WP]


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