Were You a Top Five Commenter of the Year?

commenteryearend.jpgOK, Just realized that we only have the rest of the afternoon and Monday morning to blog in 2007! Time for some lists, I guess. First off, the poll for Wonkette's Person and Vice Person of the Year will be open until 11 a.m. Monday morning, so vote! Now, however, as a special Friday afternoon treat, we'll present you with the Top Five Most Prolific Commenters of 2007. All Year End Lists Must Be Capitalized, Because They Are Just That Important. Check It Out After the Best Jump of 2007.

1. sluggo -- 2251 comments

2. dsf3g -- 1983

3. LionelHutz (frmly Esq) -- 1767

4. plutoboy -- 1497

5. hotsauce -- 1309

Sluggo, you are a god among commenters today. I bet you'll get all sorts of "followers" now on your commenter page, and that translates directly into overall happiness and success in life. You other four, too. And to put it in perspective, Sluggo has commented an average of 6.167 time per day over the course of the last year. Anyone who doesn't meet this benchmark by the end of 2008 will be banned... banned, I tell you!

We love you guys. I feel I have a personal relationship with some of you, even though I only know you through a avatar. But I love those avatars to death. [Misty eyes].

Keep on commenting in 2008, what should be a most exciting erection year.


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