Westboro Baptists Beam Down To Wrong Coordinates, Miss Spock's Funeral

Westboro Baptists Beam Down To Wrong Coordinates, Miss Spock's Funeral

While Vulcans would never stoop to the human emotional response of laughter, we know that Spock would wryly raise an eyebrow in appreciation of the absurdity (no, not irony, don't you dare say it was ironic) of the Westboro Baptist Church's failure to follow through on its threat to picket Leonard Nimoy's funeral. The Westboros said they just plain couldn't find the funeral's location.

Mind you, they certainly tried. They launched an intense Twitter campaign that made slightly less sense than the average Dr. Bronner's soap bottle (with way less universal all-one-love) that promised that they'd be there to let everyone know that Nimoy was burning in hell for being famous, not a member of the Westboro Baptist Church, and for having gay friends like George Takei and Zachary Quinto:

But darn it, the funeral was private, and the location was not made public, so the poor haters had no place to go. If they intended to actually show up anyway. They're notorious for announcing they'll picket a highly publicized funeral, stoking public outrage, and then not actually showing up, because the announcement alone was publicity for the WBC.

In a Vine short released Monday, however, the WBC managed something TRULY offensive:


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