Wet, Warm, and Riled: Hannity and Drudge Super-Soak the Mainstream

hannidrudge2.jpgWhen will the old guard catch thirsty news-guzzler Matt Drudge? Never! Not as long as he's got anonymous sources like Reuters and the AP drenching him in hot, pungent, highly classified info:

SEAN HANNITY: Just before coming on the air, I check the Drudge Report. You have a huge blockbuster story that is up there now saying that the Pentagon has confirmed -- you picked up AP, Reuters reporting -- that at Gitmo some of these Korans were splashed with urine. When will the mainstream media catch up with a story like that? And isn't this part of the problem with the old guard?

So Hannity wants more leak-of-the-week coverage that make our troops look bad? Dude, if you hate America that much, why don't you just go pee on the Statue of Liberty? Liberal creep.

Hannity and Drudge Video [C & L]


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