WH Pool Report Author Revealed

Noted Now -- providing useful information for the second time in two days! -- tells us that the author of the White House Pool Report cited below is none other that WH mouthpiece Scott McClellan. What liberal media, right? We're very impressed, actually. According to NN's version, not only did McClellan avoid a zombie-like obsession with certain pat phrases, he also only made one typo!

    Governor Pataki and Congressman Reynolds joined the President in the limo, and boarded Air Force One for the short flight to New York. Karl Rove was spotted wearing socks with no holes visible to your pooler. The Italian meatball sub was more than enough to keep your poolers satisified [sic] on an otherwise uneventful flight.

Hey, Scott, piece of advice: Quit your day job.

Noted Now (Permalinks are for pussies!) [ABC News]

Evil Genius WH Pool Report: Fashion Notes [Wonkette]


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