WH Pool Report: Being Pool Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry

In this White House pool report, an anonymous source refuses to go on the record about the President's compassion:

From: White House Press Releases

Date: July 22, 2005 3:49:20 PM EDT

Subject: POOL REPORT #2, 7/22/05

Atlanta to Andrews


   Uneventful motorcade from civic center to Hartsfield-Jackson airport. Ditto flight back to Andrews.


   Footnote: after  "conversation," we held in sweltering vans for about a half hour while POTUS reportedly met with families of troops who died in Iraq. A WH source (sorry, best I could do) said potus met with family members of just ONE soldier, who was killed in Iraq.


Ed Chen

 Los Angeles Times

We were struck by this source's apparent reluctance to confirm the President's good heart (as he might say). We asked WH hobbyist Fred Becker what he thought:
My Lovely Wonkpants,

Note that Ed is sorry because he can't source the information more accurately (senior official traveling with Bush or somesuch) but I wonder in this age--where the word "conversation" has to be put into quotes-- if he's not just sorry he has to source it to a White House official at all. I mean, judging from Scotty's behavior recently and the administration's relentless stonewalling, it seems like White House officials are the last to know what's going on. However, if you want to know the employment history and/or blood type and food allergies of Bush critics, they can map their DNA for you from memory.

Until my next dispatch, I remain,

Your scurrilous scribbler,


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It started with them damn hats. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

A guest post by "Knitsy McPurlson," which we suspect is not a real name.

Yr Wonkette is not the only website run by brilliant peoples unafraid to poke people with sharp, pointy sticks. – a website for knitters, crocheters, and other folks interested in textiles and fiber arts – is poking people with knitting needles, which are very sharp indeed.

This past weekend,'s founders showed the world how easy it is to de-platform white nationalists and racists when they banned all "support of Donald Trump and his administration" from their website, concluding they "cannot provide a space that is inclusive of all and also allow support for open white supremacy." Seems like people smart enough to decode a knitting pattern are also smart enough to decode Trump's not-so-hidden message of racism and white nationalism.

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One day, God willing, my grandchildren will click open their history textbooks and read about the Central American migrant internment camps. They'll learn about sick kids, locked in cages, kept hungry and dirty and cold for weeks on end, and they'll be horrified.

"Bubbie," they'll say, "how could this happen in America? How could there be toddlers sleeping on the ground without blankets, without soap or toothbrushes to clean themselves?"

"I don't know. I wish I had done more. I'm ashamed," I'll say. We will all have to answer for this atrocity. But some of us will have to answer more than others. Not just the archvillains like Stephen Miller and John Kelly, but the people who kept right on doing their jobs, even as those jobs morphed into defending concentration camps.

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